Taxmarc™ has obviated this problem in an innovative and effective manner by realizing the functionality of hierarchical access on a higher level in SAP, thereby preserving the function.

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Taxmarc™ SAP solution2
By Robbert Hoogeveen, CFO of the KEY Group and Director Technology of Taxmarc™

Robbert Hoogeveen By May 31, 2013 clients that use SAP for US companies must take account of a ‘downgrade’ of the SAP pricing functionality. This is caused by the fact that SAP lost in an Intellectual Property court case in the US.

SAP has appealed against this decision, but has already taken some precautionary measures to prepare its customers for the removal of the hierarchical access functionality. As for now, it appears that from May 31 on, the functionality for hierarchical access will be no longer available in SAP.

Taxmarc™  has obviated the disabling of the hierarchical access functionality timely by simulating the hierarchical access on a higher level in SAP, allowing the functionality to be realized in some other way.

This avoids the necessity of numerous changes in the relevant condition records.

The main issue


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