Russische firma Energy Consulting sluit aan bij HLB International

Het Russische accountantskantoor Energy Consulting heeft zich aangesloten bij HLB International. Het in 2001 opgerichte Energy Consulting heeft vestigingen in Moskou, Sint-Petersburg, Kazan en Almetievsk. De firma heeft jaarlijkse fee-inkomsten van zo’n $118 miljoen en circa 900 medewerkers.

Onder de klanten van Energy Consulting bevinden zich grote multinationals en Russische ondernemingen, waaronder Siemens, E-on, Gazprom, Tatneft en Rostelecom.

HLB International meldt over de nieuwe member firm: ‘Energy Consulting provides a wide range of professional services in the field of audit, financial, legal, tax and business consulting, human resources management and assessment as well as information technologies.

Energy Consulting, who works for listed as well as unlisted clients, has wide experience accompanying clients in their international operations. Energy Consulting has particular expertise in implementing complex projects for companies in the following industries: oil & gas, metallurgic and chemical industries, power industry, financial sector, food manufacturing, telecommunication, services and trade sectors.’

Via Russische firma Energy Consulting sluit aan bij HLB International • Accountancy Nieuws.

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