Taxmarc™ Basic

Indirect Tax Technology


Taxmarc™ Basic is a standard package of Taxmarc™ Tax Engine that uses native SAP functionality and contains an integrated Tax control Framework. Taxmarc™ Basic is specifically useful for companies that run medium complex business models.

Taxmarc™ Basic uses assumptions via pre-defined configuration, thus without a real-time reality check performed by Taxmarc™ of such. For those businesses that have a complex business model but do not need the full Taxmarc™ Tax Engine functionality, the Taxmarc™ Basic solution offers a VAT compliant determination solution. Taxmarc™ Basic does not only address the shortcomings in standard SAP VAT determination, but also ensures control of VAT with the integrated VAT Control Framework in a transparent and easily maintainable way.

Taxmarc™ Basic is built on the proven Taxmarc™ platform and the de-scoped features from the full Taxmarc™ Tax Engine can be added at any point later on when additional budget becomes available or new requirements and…

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