The EU Parliament endorsed the Union Customs Code

On September 11, 2013 the EU Parliament has endorsed the Union Customs Code. The Union Customs Code will serve as the new framework Regulation on the rules and procedures for Customs throughout the EU. It will provide legal certainty to businesses and provide clarity for Customs authorities by putting a number of important practices into legislation.

The new Code streamlines and simplifies customs rules and procedures, and facilitates more efficient customs transactions in line with modern-day needs. Among the improvements that will be introduced with the new Code are measures to complete the shift by Customs to a paperless, fully electronic environment, and provisions to reinforce swifter Customs procedures for reliable traders (Authorised Economic Operators).

The EU Council should now adopt the Regulation for the Union Customs Code within the coming weeks, so that it can enter into force by November 1, 2013.

Via EU – The EU Parliament endorsed the Union Customs Code – VAT Resource.


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