Towards an efficient VAT system: 7th Brussels tax forum

On Monday 18 November the 7th Brussels Tax Forum will gather 250 participants from 37 countries to discuss the EU VAT system, and how to improve its efficiency. Among the topics to be discussed are the fight against VAT fraud, improving VAT compliance and the role of VAT in fiscal consolidation. Commissioner Šemeta will host the Forum and deliver the opening address.

Among the other high-level speakers are Belgian State Secretary John Crombez, Portuguese State Secretary Paulo Nuncio and MEP Sharon Bowles. This annual event is an important opportunity for policy-makers, stakeholders and experts to come together, exchange views and discuss solutions on key issues in the field of EU taxation.

Taxation Commissioner Algirdas Šemeta said: “Value Added Tax (VAT) is paid for by citizens, collected by businesses and accounts for over 20% of national revenues. It therefore has a significant impact on every EU citizen and every member state’s budget.

Our reform of the EU VAT system is already well underway, but we still have some way to go in making VAT as fraud-proof, efficient and business friendly as it can be. The Brussels Tax Forum is the perfect opportunity to gather expertise, experience and ideas to feed into the continuing reform.”

Read on by clicking on the link below.

Via Towards an efficient VAT system: 7th Brussels tax forum : EU Reporter.


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