Press release – Commission takes Luxembourg to Court of Justice over VAT in the case of independent groups of persons

Tax Assurance Research

The European Commission has decided to take Luxembourg to the Court of Justice of the European Union over the VAT system applied by Luxembourg to independent groups of persons.

Under the VAT Directive, certain services supplied by a group to its members are exempt from VAT to avoid making operations downstream more expensive for these members, given that the VAT cannot be deducted. Strict conditions must be complied with to benefit from the exemption.

Under Luxembourg law, the services provided by an independent group to its members are free of VAT provided that the members’ taxed activities do not exceed 30% (or 45% under certain conditions) of their annual turnover. Group members are also allowed to deduct the VAT charged to the group on its purchases of goods and services from third parties. Lastly, operations by a member in his or her own name but on behalf of the group are…

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