Business challenge: complying with the mandatory SAF-T filing requirements

Across the globe many multinational companies are facing challenges in complying with the mandatory SAF-T filing requirements. SAF-T is the OECD’s Standard Audit File for Tax Purposes that is being adopted as common practice for tax administrations and will be the basis for IT-based audit tools to help to combat fraud and tax evasion.

We developed a lean and flexible solution which extracts relevant data directly from SAP® systems and transforms the data into the XML format in compliance with the legal requirements.

We are currently developing a SAF-T cockpit which will be fully integrated with SAP®. It includes individual templates that satisfy the data and format requirements of each country and provides an analytical reporting library to support monitoring controls for finance and tax.

Who we are and what we offer

Phenix Consulting is a joint venture company of LiNKiT Consulting and the KEY Group. This company is based in Amsterdam, Berlin and Cologne and provides tax, financial and control solutions for SAP. Phenix comprises 6 partners and a team of 30 consultants.


Phenix Booklet


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