EU May Drop Plan For Uniform VAT Return

The European Commission has indicated that it may drop a plan announced in 2013 to introduce a standard VAT return across all EU member states. The Commission recently released its 2016 Work Programme. It announced that, during next year, it will release an action plan on VAT return, to create an efficient, fraud-proof, and definitive regime. In addition, it will launch initiatives on VAT rates and the VAT treatment of e-commerce in the context of the Digital Market Market agenda.

Thereafter, it announced: “We also intend to withdraw a number of VAT proposals on the table that have made little progress in the Council or where their significant simplification potential has been unacceptably watered down, as is the case for the standard VAT declaration.

In October 2013, the Commission had announced the launch of a project to develop a standard VAT return for adoption by all member states to cut the cost of compliance by approximately EUR15bn (USD16.4bn) annually, based on projections that year. Read more: EU May Drop Plan For Uniform VAT Return

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